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Household Package #1202 pg. 53
Laundry detergent #1125 pg. 30
Fluff & Tumble Dryer Balls #357021 pg. 31
Body Pack #309042-45 pg. 45
Kitchen Cloths #307205-12 pg. 19
Cleaning Paste #403500 pg. 26
Superior Mop Sytem #1209 pg. 14

The home essential collection gives you everything you need to not only clean your entire home from top to bottom with water, but also includes the body cloths which improve skin quality, kitchen cloth/towel set for your everyday kitchen cleaning, and our fabulous laundry detergent (helps keep your Norwex and your clothes like new). If you would like this package please contact me (laurenwittig21@gmail.com), it is a package I have put together and the discount comes from me. You get to choose the colors of the body pack and kitchen cloth & towel set!
Top 10 sellers from Norwex!

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