Monday, April 27, 2015

7 toxic reasons to ditch your dryer sheets

Dryer sheets & fabric softener are at the top of the list of the most toxic substances found in our household. They are full chloroform, formaldehyde, and various other neurological & endocrine disrupters. Dryer sheets coat your laundry and dryer with these toxic chemicals while also polluting the air. There's a reason people use them to repel rodents & insects. 
Make your home healthier by ditching the dryer sheets and start using 100% wool dryer balls. Not only are they eco-friendly & all natural, they reduce dry time, soften your clothes, and will save you money. 

Miss that fresh laundry scent a dryer sheet gives? Put a few drops of essential oils on your dryer balls to give your clothes an all natural fresh scent.

The Norwex dryer balls will reduce static in your laundry naturally and without chemicals. Just follow these tips! 
1. Reduce the heat setting on your dryer
2. Reduce the dry time
3. Turn the dry time sensor on your dryer


  1. I have to say that after using dryer balls for 6 months now, my son's eczema has completely disappeared! Who knew? #lovenorwex

  2. Right! See a dermatologist and the FIRST thing they will tell you is change your laundry detergent to one without fillers, and STOP using fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Your clothes are always touching your skin and are the #1 cause of various skin conditions (eczema, dermatitis).