Sunday, April 26, 2015

#1 Best Seller! Norwex Laundry Detergent

How much detergent do you use per load? Me...1 tsp! Crazy I know, but that is because it is purely concentrated laundry soap without dyes, fragrance, or fillers, only ingredients that simply clean your clothes. And let me tell you, as a mom of 3, and someone who does A LOT of laundry, this stuff is like gold. It cleans the dirtiest of clothes in one easy load. It seriously gets stains 5 yr old stains out of hand-me-down white onesies that my 6 month old now wears. It also brightens your brights and whitens your whites. This is simply the best laundry detergent on the market AND it is cheaper per load! 

Check out how much the detergent you currently use costs per load vs. Norwex laundry detergent 
Is your laundry detergent on this list??

All of those filler products found in laundry detergent cause your washing machines to smell, cause various skin conditions (eczema, dermatitis), and grind into your clothes, decreasing the life of your wardrobe. 

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